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Some men have a problem in simply lacking confidence with women. In that case I usually recommend that they have a look at by Joshua Pellicer. His program, the Tao Of Badass, is featured on that link.

It is an excellent program designed entirely towards increasing your success in seducing and bedding women.

For more specific information on the details of the program, check out the other pages on the site.

Techniques For Meeting Women 

The Way Of The Real Man

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The Best Sex Position – Coital Alignment Technique?

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce you to the coital alignment technique, are comparatively new sexual technique which is between designed specifically to avoid the difficulties that women have reaching orgasm during intercourse.

Original CAT video 

Find out about the coital alignment technique here

CAT video (Shorter) – see a simplified introduction to the CAT here

Essentially the coital alignment technique is about the man and woman orienting their pelvises so that they can make love in a way which allows the man’s pelvis to stimulate the woman’s clitoris during intercourse.

It’s not always easy to find the correct orientation during lovemaking, but there are comprehensive instructions about how to have great sex here. I would say that one of the difficulties with quite alignment technique is that it’s not always very easy to adjust emotion from the thrusting backwards and forwards motion to an up-and-down rocking motion as is required by the technique.

Having said that, those people who have mastered these techniques of sexual intercourse seemed to speak very highly of, and recommend it because of its capacity to add to the pleasure of the woman.

Apparently when developed a sufficiently high level of skilful technique, the quite alignment technique allows modification of the missionary sex position to provide both man and woman with a degree of stimulation that would be impossible to achieve during normal intercourse.

The woman, as we’ve mentioned, this can involve orgasms during sexual activity, and for the man apparently takes the form of stimulation to the penis which is a particularly delightful character, leading to an immersive sensation — immersive, that is in the pleasure of sexual fulfilment.

It’s important to recognise that no sexual technique is free of a certain amount of learning, and in this particular case that learning can take longer than it would than certain other types of sexual position.

Nonetheless, we would highly recommend that you try the little alignment technique to explore whether or not it might offer you the opportunity of female orgasm during intercourse, or even, in the more advanced form, possibility of simultaneous orgasm during intercourse.

coital alignment technique

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More About How To Make A Woman Come

Just in case you are having difficulties in helping your woman to reach orgasm during intercourse – try this fabulous website – click here to discover how to make a woman come.

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Dating Advice For Women

One of the big areas of information available on the Internet is dating advice, both for men and for women. It’s easy to understand why the Internet has become so popular as a means to either meet a partner, or to explore advice and information about dating and relationships.

I think this is because people are embarrassed to admit that they lack knowledge or experience where dating and relationships are concerned. It’s very much easier to go to an Internet website to obtain information about how you could meet a partner than it is to go to a counsellor,, sex therapist, or even, for that matter, talking to a friend about it.

There’s a degree of privacy on the Internet when you’re looking for dating advice, which is a great way to avoid embarrassment and awkwardness asking questions that might indicate you’re a bit short of experience in this most intimate and personal of fields.

So what is it that you can learn from websites like capture his heart and making love you forever? Well, essentially I think what you can learn is basically what you would learn if you went to a good relationship counsellor. That is to say, you’ll learn information about what makes men and women attracted to each other, what men and women expect from relationships, and how best to overcome embarrassment and anxiety about meeting somebody in the first place.

Then, once you have met somebody, dating advice sites can give you great information about how to keep the relationship going, how to maintain interest, how to establish communication that is meaningful, and most of all, how to foster an interest in each other that goes beyond the superficial or the sexual.

You see, dating advice sites in men are often about seduction, an event dating advice sites for women are often about how to make a man fall in love with you. The truth is, of course, that there’s something in between these two: information which is based on human desire to connection and love, common to both sexes, and certainly not difficult if you actually know how to approach a potential partner. Capture his heart and making love you forever amply fulfils all the requirements that women might have of the dating advice site, giving them information about how men think, what men want, and how best to approach a man so that he’s confident about entering into a deep relationship with you as a woman.

You can see a fantastic review of capture his heart and make him love you forever here, and I strongly recommend it to any woman who is seeking to establish a meaningful relationship, whether sexual or just at this stage dating.

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Premature Ejaculation, Sexual Health, and General health

Sexual congress begins with the act of penetration, when the man inserts his erect penis into his partner’s vagina – and often the end of sexual congress follow soon afterwards.! (I refer to premature ejaculation, or more specifically, a man’s inability to delay his ejaculation! However premature ejaculation is not an inevitable aspect of sex by any means. In fact there are many ways in which a man can learn how to control the speed of ejaculation – in other words, the speed with which he ejaculates, including some unusual strategies which you may not be aware of. To start with, there shouldn’t be any end of caresses or kissing at the moment of penetration. Sex is not just about the sexual intercourse, meaning the man thrusting to orgasm and ejaculation.

For a woman to feel connected to her sexual partner it’s essential that the man continues the caresses that he started during foreplay. Another problem is of course that men often don’t want to focus on anything other penetration and thrusting, although in some ways this is not a bad thing. It’s certainly true that a man who allows himself to be distracted by other activities, or even by his own thoughts, during the active phase of lovemaking may find that he ejaculates far too quickly — the reason for this is that he is not aware of his own arousal. Or, he’s unable to estimate the time that is going to elapse before he ejaculates.

Certainly keeping awareness of how aroused you are, and how near the point of ejaculatory inevitability you are, during sex, is essential for good control of ejaculation during lovemaking.

But there’s a lot more to this, as I’ve already suggested: for a woman to feel attached to a man, she must feel engaged emotionally with the lovemaking. It’s necessary to stress this, because many men do not understand how important it is to indulge in adequate foreplay with their partners before sexual congress, and they tend to divide sex into two distinct parts – that is to say, foreplay and coitus – giving much more importance to the latter!

A break after the former is often followed by a decision on the best sex position to intercourse, which effectively disrupt the process into two stages and breaks a sense of continuity for the woman.

The object of foreplay is twofold. First, to yield pleasure in itself, and second to prepare the woman for the act of penetration and intercourse. So this means that any unnecessary break or interruption during sexual activity is unsatisfactory. The ideal is that there should be a continuous period of caresses and kissing, so that sexual activity should rise continually, until at some point penetration takes place, after which there is is a continuous session of sexual intercourse, during which sexual arousal continues to rise naturally, and unavoidably, until the moment of complete physical release at orgasm and ejaculation — preferably, simultaneous orgasm and ejaculation.

Now, many of the underlying assumptions about this suggest that the man is the active partner in coitus, and there’s an implicit assumption that lies alongside this statement – that the woman must remain passive during sexual intercourse. But of course this is completely wrong.

As you may well be aware, a woman’s sexual organs are far from inactive, even if she seems to be passively receiving the man’s attentions. The truth is that sex becomes a much better experience for both parties if the woman is actively engaged in what she’s doing: the instinctive hip movements a man makes during sexual intercourse will also be mirrored by the woman.

When a woman is able to relax and abandon herself during a sexual act she may well find her body making instinctive movements in response to the movements of her male partner, so that sexual intercourse become something in which both partners actively cooperate.

You can understand the dynamics of sex between men and women much more easily when you understand the sexual excitement which is essential to obtain maximum pleasure from sexual intercourse is the result of thrusting movements which produce friction inside the vagina. These movements consist of the erect penis being brought into contact with the soft walls of the vagina. This stimulates the nerves of the penis, especially those nerves on the sensitive area at the head of the penis called the glans, and tend to produce an increasing level of arousal which eventually triggers the man’s ejaculatory reflex.

It follows therefore that to control premature ejaculation, slower movements may be more desirable, and in addition, we know that shallow thrusts tend to enable a man to last longer during sexual intercourse than deep thrusts.

Now of course it’s preferable that the woman should reach orgasm during intercourse, but we also know that very few women have this capacity: it’s a myth that the majority of women are able to reach orgasm during intercourse, simply because the man can’t thrust hard enough for long enough to produce the level of sexual arousal necessary to trigger a woman’s orgasm.

A good compromise, however, is for the man to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse so that his partner can enjoy the experience of orgasm before he himself experiences ejaculation. I’m prompted at this juncture to talk about a man who wrote to me saying that he felt sexual intercourse was difficult because of his health problems, which appeared to consist of a severe case of gout in his feet. Now I’m well aware that gout is a serious problem, causing great pain, but I’m not entirely sure how it can interfere with sexual pleasure!

Nonetheless, I offered him the opportunity to explore as it contains some suitable remedies. Some time later he wrote to explain in more detail what exactly was going on – and it turned out that this man, during intercourse, pressed with his feet against the footboard of the bed to gain greater leverage as he thrust into his partners’s vagina during intercourse. Knowing no different way of getting the leverage needed for sex, he continued to do this even after an attack of gout in the joints of his toes became inflamed and uncomfortable! I need hardly say that had he had the discernment to adopt a different sexual position, one that did not cause irritation to his feet, he would very likely have suffered much less pain and interruption to his sex life!

Another man wrote to me suggesting that he was having difficulty with sexual intercourse because of his enlarged prostate. When I enquired as to the exact nature of the problem he was experiencing, he told me that he was using Tamsulosin Hydrochoride as a medication to relieve pressure of his enlarged prostate on his urinary tract, and the drug appeared to be causing retrograde ejaculation in which he ejaculated into the bladder rather than externally through the urethra into his partner. In addition he was experiencing diminution of the sensation and intensity of these ejaculations, because the muscles responsible for ejaculation are in fact made to relax by the use of this drug.

(One important piece of advice to a man in this situation would be to use some kind of natural health supplement – because prostate health supplements actually work). I also advised him to spend a lot more time on foreplay before entering his partner, so the volume of semen he produced was much greater — this in itself produces much more intense sensation during orgasm and ejaculation. I also advised him to spend a lot longer on foreplay so that he was more aroused before he ejaculated. It transpired that by using both these techniques he was able to obtain much greater sensation, even when using the drug he had been prescribed for prostate enlargement.

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The ART Of Easy Orgasm

I’m a great fan of Jason Julius, and I’ve written about his work extensively on the Internet, because I believe it provides men who don’t know much about female sexuality with a simple and easy way to bring a woman to orgasm every time when making love.

Jason Julius reviews show he is not a qualified sex therapist, but he certainly inexpert in conveying concepts and ideas about female sexuality. He uses a series of models to illustrate different aspects of female sexual pleasure, starting right from the simplest level of sexual physical stimulation, and moving all the way through to the most advanced techniques of vaginal, vulval, and clitoral stimulation.

Now that men may feel they know a lot about sexual interaction with women, but it’s my experience that generally they know far less than they think they do, and this does not apply only to female sexual anatomy, but also to men’s knowledge of the female mind and emotions.

You see, one of the things that men need to understand about female sexuality is that it is very different male sexuality. Most women are turned on physically by watching erotica, but they are certainly not turned on emotionally in a way that makes them feel they want sex. As you know, if you’re a man and you watch porn, it’s most likely that after a few minutes you feel a compelling need to ejaculate. This may even apply whether you’re heterosexual or homosexual, if you are watching any pornography, or looking at the dick pictures on the Internet. This doesn’t imply homosexuality, it simply means that men are aroused by a wide range of visual stimulation, including the association of the penis with ejaculation and orgasm.

Now we all know women are very different, because they tend to besexually aroused by an emotional connection with a partner. This may be as simple as a relationship of respect, or it may have to be a relationship of love and trust, depending on the individual woman concerned. But in general it’s fair to say that women are not as responsive to sexual stimulation through visual media as they are through emotional channels.

Therefore, having the information that Jason Julius has provided in his program to allow men to work their way into the psychology of female sexual attraction is extremely valuable. If you don’t know what turns a woman on, then Jason can tell you all! He’s the man who’s explained in a series of simple modules precisely how women get turned on by being with a particular man, and why are men may want sex and women do not, even under the same circumstances.

Now you may be feeling a little bit confused at this point, and my response to that is to say: don’t be! If you buy Jason Julius’s program, for a very reasonable price, what you’re going to find is that it enables you to work through a whole series of sexual blocks that you may currently have about how to turn a woman on. Starting with information about how to make her feel that she wants to go to bed with you, you’re given a whole series of techniques and tricks that allow you to stimulate her in exactly the way that she, as an individual woman, will need to be stimulated to enjoy an orgasm every time you are sexually active.

in recent years there’s been considerable amount of debate about whether or not the G spot actually exists, so it’s important to understand that as far as most women are concerned, stimulation of the G spot is very different to clitoral stimulation in the likelihood of achieving orgasm. You see, the vagina is supplied by a whole series of nerves (pudendal nerves) which route to the emotional pleasure centres of the brain. The clitoris is innervated by nerve cells which simply trigger the reflex response of orgasm. What this means in practice is that when you stimulate both the clitoris and the G spot during sexual activity, the chance of a woman reaching orgasm is much higher than it is under any other circumstances.

Jason actually has seven modules in this program, starting off with simple sexual stimulation techniques, and ranging all the way through to the more advanced techniques of so called A spot stimulation and G spot stimulation, culminating in the exciting possibility of bringing your woman to an ejaculatory orgasm, also known as female ejaculation.

You may wonder why this is an important aspect of sexual pleasure for a couple? Well, the answer seems to be that an ejaculatory orgasm is far more intense for a woman than almost any other kind of orgasm that she is likely to experience. By taking her to a level of sexual pleasure that is so intense she literally moves into a different emotional and mental state, you’re going to become the lover that she really wants to go to bed with at every possible opportunity!

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Techniques for controlling premature eajculation

Control of premature ejaculation is not hard to establish. And that’s just as well really, considering that it is the most common male sexual problem.

It’s actually quite a difficult challenge to a man and his partner, although very often it’s hidden behind what we describe as bravado, where a man hides his pain behind some kind of self-effacing persona, or behind the expression of emotions such as anger.

It’s not a trivial sexual dysfunction, and it’s not a trivial problem. Generally speaking a couple who have premature ejaculation difficulties within their relationship will find it very emotionally distressing, and unless the man is very determined, and has the co-operation of his partner, he may find it difficult to treat.

It’s often said that the squeeze technique, which was invented by Masters and Johnson, has not been an effective, long-term therapy. Well, whether this is true or not, it’s certainly time for some revolutionary thinking on ideas about ejaculation control.

One of the newest ideas is that of vaginal acclimatization, which relies on a man becoming more accustomed to the exciting sensations of penetrating the woman and being inside her vagina. All that it requires is for the man to penetrate his partner and then rest still without moving.

The idea is that over time, which is about 10 to 30 minutes, the sensations which he is experiencing will change in quality, from a highly exciting sense of sexual arousal to dull, but pleasant, feelings within his pelvis. This is a significant change, and indicates that he has become acclimatized to the environment of the vagina.

Psychologically, we can see it as the rewriting of neural pathways in the brain, giving way to a more mature and adult acceptance of the fact that making love is not, however exciting, something that need be threatening or over-arousing for an adult man.

Now having said that, most men with premature ejaculation have to understand that one technique alone will not be enough to cure the problem. What this means is that although vaginal acclimatization generally gives a man much better control, and helps him last longer, he also needs to change his thinking techniques, his beliefs about sex, and his level of anxiety or arousal during sex.

The moral of this is that effective treatment premature ejaculation is in three areas: the first is becoming more relaxed during foreplay and indeed during intercourse itself. One of the problems that men with premature ejaculation commonly experience is that they are over-aroused by involvement with their partner, and not particularly aroused by altering their own emotional and physical state.

It’s only when a man is can control his own arousal that he can determine how quickly he ejaculates. Part of finding out how to control premature ejaculation is the second element of effective treatment, which is changing the way he thinks about sex so that he can effectively “pace” himself during lovemaking in order to establish better ejaculatory control.

The third element is to cooperate with one’s partner in a plan for the treatment of premature ejaculation and the acquisition of good sexual functioning.

Having said all that, one of the things that really comes across to me very strongly from current work on premature ejaculation is the need for physiological relaxation. Most men believe that sexual arousal is the product of excitement, and they often feel the anxiety contributes to it — which indeed it does. However, successful control ejaculation requires specific methods of physiological relaxation, on which a man’s mental and physical state can rest during intercourse.

Only in this way is he going to be able to establish enough self-control to prevent a runaway approach to the point of ejaculatory inevitability. This has been termed self entrancement arousal, and what it means is that a man will actually focus on exploring his own body both physically and emotionally and sensuously.

To become familiar with one’s own body in every way allows a man to rest fairly and squarely within his own body rather than disassociating because it feels safer, or because he thinks that that is the way that he is likely to be able to control his ejaculation.

By focusing on his partner, or on erotic material that lives outside his own physical boundary, which during sexual intercourse is generally the man’s sexual partner, no matter how natural this approach may feel, gives a man almost no options for controlling his arousal.

Furthermore, because most men with premature ejaculation are surprised when they ejaculate, it’s a necessary step to controlling ejaculation effectively. It stands to reason, I think, that if you’re focused on your partner more than yourself, you are likely to be surprised when you ejaculate because you haven’t noticed your approach to the point of ejaculatory inevitability.

Another arousal style called sensual self entrancement arousal is all about focusing one’s own sensations as an endpoint. Becoming aroused by what you do within your own boundaries rather than what you do with your partner, provides the foundations for a much greater awareness about how aroused you are, and a great foundation for the cognitive and behavioral management of sexual arousal.

Furthermore, this appears to be an aid to relaxation, and it certainly is a lot better than the distraction or disassociation techniques which many men with premature ejaculation have been advised to try for generations. To take but one example of how this technique works, a man might focus on the pleasurable sensations that he is experiencing in his own penis, rather than focusing on his partner’s breasts or sexual organs. It certainly excludes the possibility of focusing on other things such as sports, tax or even the notorious suggestion that one should distract oneself with thoughts of repulsive “roadkill” during sex!

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Delayed Ejaculation

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Information About Premature Ejaculation Control

In the next few minutes I’m going to show you how you can overcome premature ejaculation and become the man you really want to be in bed.

To start with, it’s important to understand that premature ejaculation is a very normal and natural problem — it affects about one man in three, so you certainly don’t need to feel any shame about it.

Now I know that’s easy to say, and if you come very quickly after starting to make love, it might be a bit of a problem with your partner. She’s probably not going to be too happy, and for that matter, you’re probably not completely satisfied with your performance in bed either.

You see,  one of things that I understand from the men I talk to who have this problem is that premature ejaculation can really make a man feel inadequate in bed.

And of course the opposite’s true as well: if you’re a man who has control and choice over when he comes during sex, perhaps so much so that you can even take your partner to orgasm before you ejaculate, it can make you feel like a really powerful man in bed. And – for that matter – out of bed as well.

So exercising control in bed, overcoming premature ejaculation, is really important for many reasons. And one of the questions I’ve often asked myself is why more men don’t do something about it, when it’s so important for sexual pleasure.

The answer probably lies in what Woody Allen once said: to paraphrase, there’s no such thing as a bad orgasm, it’s just that some are better than others.

And when you’re a man, and you enter a woman, you probably feel a very strong instinctive urge to thrust, hard and fast, until you reach the point of ejaculation — and that’s very satisfying. The problem is, it’s not quite so satisfying to her, of course.

What I also know from the work I’ve done with men over the years is that very few women will complain about premature ejaculation, although I have heard of some women being so upset about it that relationships have come to an end.

But you shouldn’t be deceived by the fact your partner says “It’s OK, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter.”

The fact that a woman doesn’t complain about you coming quickly during sex doesn’t mean it’s okay. In fact, I can tell you that the great majority of women are totally peed off with their men about their lack of control.

So what can you do about it? A lot of solutions have been offered on the Internet. Perhaps one of the most common is anesthetic gel or so-called “delay cream” or lotion. You can get that as a spray-on anesthetic for the penis, or you can get it as a lotion, or you can get it in condoms which are  supposed to delay ejaculation.

And there’s an interesting problem here, isn’t there? Sex is supposed to be something that you enjoy, and I don’t see how you can enjoy it if your penis is numb and you can’t feel anything. You can get more information on this from Jason Julius and his site on the female orgasm.

A lot of guys actually also tell me that because the excitement they feel during sex is more in their mind than their body, they still ejaculate quickly – it’s just that sex is ruined because they don’t feel anything.

I’ve also spoken to several men who used these compounds that they bought on the Internet and they’ve experienced some intense burning sensations – redness and soreness on their penis… in some cases they’ve experienced severe pain

— in fact, I had an email from one man the other day asking for help because his penis had been left more or less insensitive after using a really strong anesthetic lotion that he bought on the Internet. UK National Health Service advice on this.

My advice to you is to steer well clear — for another thing, your partner is not going to enough thank you if she ends up with a vagina that can’t feel a thing because you sprayed your cock with anesthetic lotion. Just a thought.

You might also have heard of the idea of PC muscle control. The PC muscle, or pubococcygeus muscle, is the one that contracts during orgasm, and the stronger those contractions, the more intense the feelings that you have as you come.

There’s a completely false – and sadly very widespread –  belief on the Internet that by contracting this muscle at the point of orgasm, you can stop yourself coming.

I can tell you that this is completely false. It’s impossible to stop yourself coming by contracting this muscle. What you will do, if you try, is weaken your ejaculation and ruin your own orgasm. So don’t bother trying this and if you see anybody who’s recommending this steer well clear again — it doesn’t work.

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The Tao Of Badass – A Way To Get Women Into Bed?

One of the interesting things about the pickup artist community, also known as the seduction community, on the Internet, is the way that over the years, the number of products on offer and their stated success rate has mushroomed, nay, sky-rocketed!

It all began with the pickup artist known as Mystery, who, from his roots as a stage magician, used tricks and techniques that could broadly be described as misdirection and psychological diversion to engage the attention of women, and hook their interest, in such a way that an opening gambit and subsequent conversation was enabled.

He later claimed that his techniques could allow you to use psychological tricks on women that would cause them (my words) to fall into your bed at the drop of a hat.

Now there’s no doubt that we’re all susceptible to certain levels of manipulation and psychological techniques — you have to think of the con-merchant and con-artist who has thrived through the generations understand how true that is!

So misdirection and psychological trickery can bring about some desired outcomes, and I would imagine that those could also include seducing a woman and grabbing her attention for long enough to start a conversation. Whether or not that would extend to getting her into bed, and establishing a relationship is another matter.

However, the basic premise of the pickup artist / seduction community techniques is that this is exactly what you can do. If you know enough about feminine psychology, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say “if you know enough about the gamut of tricks tips and techniques designed to seduce women” that they sell you, then you are, supposedly, almost guaranteed success in having a woman in your bed every night if that’s what you want.

One of the programs however that does seem to be based on a slightly stronger foundation of popular psychology is the Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer, and I recommend this program for several reasons. Click for more information. First of all it’s much less disrespectful to women than some of the others. Second, it’s not being marketed as though it was a “secret technique” that only men in a “secret PUA society” could be allowed to learn.

It’s marketed honestly and openly and indeed is the biggest selling program on Clickbank at the time of writing. Now, I know none of that means that it’s actually any use in terms of picking up your futurelifelong partner, or even in terms of seducing a woman so that you can enjoy sex with a one night stand.

What I am saying is this: of all the programs I’ve seen and read about, and debated with my colleagues, the Tao Of BAdass appears to be the one that has most going for it — in other words, it appears to the one most plausibly based upon genuine psychology rather than pop-psychology, NLP and hypnosis.

There’s something really rather amusingly naive about the impression that some of these pickup artists give: that is to say, by using a few simple words and tricks and techniques, you can shift a woman’s emotional state into one where she’s going to be susceptible to seduction. I’d rather have more respect for women than that, and my opinions are borne out by the commentaries on the Internet – in particular this one.

Indeed there is a vast amount of information on the Internet which seems to suggest that this is true. If you look up Neil Strauss and his website, you can see just exactly how proliferation of Internet pickup artists has developed over the years. Strauss was one of the original students of Mystery, describing himself as a self-confessed geek or nerd before he took the pick up artist training with Mystery, and emerging as what I would broadly describe as a “lifestyle coach”.

Several years later, whether or not you believe these techniques work probably depends on how intent you are on actually achieving your objective.

For one thing, over the years there have been many different schools of goal setting which have allowed men and women to achieve their objectives without any of the techniques referred to in programs like Mystery Method or Strauss’s StyleLife program.

In other words, what I’m saying is that the intention to achieve an objective (any objective, be it picking up a woman or whatever), combined with a very simple process of visualization of the desired outcome, does seem to have many compelling and powerful effects on our behavior and achievements.

It might therefore be that the pickup artist techniques have no greater power than those which we find in self-improvement programs worldwide, programs which have existed for a long time before the advent of the pickup artists. (Think of Napoleon Hill and “Think and Grow Rich”.)

None of this is necessarily to criticize these programs, because clearly anything that allows a lonely and inadequate man to find a relationship is going to be a good thing.

But I’m reminded of what Neil Strauss said in his book “The Game: penetrating the secret world of pickup artists”, about how he observed that many of the so-called pickup artists preferred to sit around discussing techniques with each other rather than going out and having a real relationship with a woman!

Certainly one of the impressions that you couldn’t fail to take away with you if you read this material is how much these techniques seem to be about seduction and sex rather than establishing a real relationship. Strauss is clearly not an ordinary man, and he ended up with a relationship using these techniques, but my guess is that he would have done that anyway: the fact he was in a long-term relationship after meeting Mr Mystery probably has nothing to do with the PUA techniques, but all to do with Neal Strauss’s determination to change his personality and behavior.

And having said all that, you might judge, correctly, that I’m rather critical of what I see as the content of some of these programs. For example, they can appear to be quite misogynistic, if not actually downright demeaning to women. You’ll hear terms like “bitch shield”, “negging”, and others, all of which are not complimentary or respectful to women, but start from the presumption that they are somehow psychologically inferior to men, even if only by virtue of the fact that they will be taken in by these techniques. if you must buy one, buy The Tao of Badass.

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